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Our CEO, Leon Isaacs, will be joining Amadou Cisse of the African Institute of Remittances, Andurahman Tarab of the Nigerian Diaspora Commission and other prominent speakers as part of the Africa Digital Baraza Webinar Series hosted by GBS Africa and the Royal African Society

This webinar, entitled, Diaspora Remittance and Savings: Capital base for Africa's Financing Needs, brings together leading experts in finance, development and migration to discuss innovative strategies for managing Diaspora remittance to support Africa's recovery post COVID-19. 

The digital event will be held on…

As we gear up for IMTC Africa 2019 which will be held in Lagos, Nigeria and co-chaired by our CEO, Leon Isaacs, here's a quick look back at Leon's interview from IMTC EMEA that was held in London. Here he lets us in on some of the digital revolutions occurring in the payments industry globally, from less cash to more blurring of the various accounts people own. 

IMTC conferences concern international payments and remittances and are a chance for participants to exchange points of view, analyze trends in the money transfer business, network & partner, explore new products and services, listen to innovative ideas, etc. Last year's IMTC Africa was held in Nairobi, Kenya…

Diaspora Investment and Remittances

The Migration and Development Fund has commissioned two key studies on Developing a Systematic Approach to Supporting Diaspora Investment in Africa (DMA Global) and The Opportunities and Risks of Digitization on the Remittances Market in the WAEMU and CEMAC regions (HORUS).

Exploring barriers to remittances in sub-Saharan Africa

Remittance flows represent an increasingly important source of income for sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Between 2012 and 2015, formal flows steadily grew at a higher growth rate than foreign direct investment (FDI) and official development assistance (ODA). As a result, the value of formal remittances sent into SSA today almost matches those of FDI and ODA. Formal flows between countries in SSA are greater than ever. However, since 2016, the value of formal remittances sent into the region is no longer growing. Much of which is migrating to informal channels as SSA still has the most expensive…